Riak Mesos Framework

The Riak Mesos Framework simplifies the deployment and management of large Apache Mesos based Riak KV clusters allowing for massive scalability with little operational effort. This preview highlights key features of the Riak Mesos Framework.

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An Apache Mesos framework for Riak KV, a distributed NoSQL key-value data store that offers high availability, fault tolerance, operational simplicity, and scalability.

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Installing the Framework

Installing the Riak Mesos Framework is easy with the help of the Mesosphere data center operating system (DCOS). Simply install the Riak DCOS package and CLI plugin to get started.

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Create a cluster

Creating large Riak KV clusters on Mesos is as simple as a few commands, no more complex and error prone deployment scripts.

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Explore the Cluster

Applications need a way to communicate with Riak KV, and most Mesos agents are closed to the world by default. Luckily the Riak Mesos Director smart proxy can bridge the gap.

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Scale the Cluster

Apache Mesos provides an environment that allows for massive scale. Riak KV on Mesos takes full advantage of those capabilities.

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